Wreck This Life

My name is Devin Ware.

I am a poet.

And like all poets on tumblr,

I write my descriptions

Like this.

Thank you.

Something old, something new…

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Part 2 of my ALS ice bucket challenge. @shima_takashi @flavianery_fvia @esarkaye you have 24 hours, please don’t hate me :)

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My ALS ice bucket challenge. I was nominated by @trjennings13 and I nominate @flavianery_fvia @esarkaye @shima_takashi I am very sorry as none of you know me but I’m not sorry at all :) Part 1

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On our way to get ice… 

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And for my hundredth picture on Instagram, another picture of my ever-ubiquitous feet and my brother in the midst of our conversation on American history and whether or not a number counts as a noun. Good night everyone in my time zone! And good night to the rest of you when it comes round! :D

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Liking David Foster Wallace Does Not Make You Smart


So I have A LOT OF FEELINGS about people who use their love of very particular kinds of literature to sort of “one up” people who like other kinds of fiction. Who dictate that if you like Book A instead of Book B, you are a plebeian sheep with a grade-school education. Or something.

A little…


October Reads Book Photo Challenge #17: Slept with the lights on

Quite literally, in this case.  I picked up House of Leaves because Morgan recommended it to me and described it as a book where a house is bigger on the inside.  Spiffing, I thought, this will be a romp.  So I read it as bedtime reading.  BAD IDEA FRIENDS.  DO NOT READ THIS BOOK AS SLEEPY READING.  It is about madness and horror and death, about a family tearing itself apart, a man with PTSD, and a house that quite literally eats people.  It’s about drugs and violence and people with empty lives trying to fill them.  And it’s about a house that eats people.  I’ve never been so terrified of a book in my life.  I really don’t scare very easily.  I generally avoid horror because it’s boring.  Mark Z. Danielewski and his postmodern masterpiece are the exception to that and every other rule.  I love this book.  Read it in the summer, in full daylight, preferably while sitting outside sipping a chilled beverage of your choice.  Then sleep with the lights on.

I have never wanted to own this book so freaking badly.

More often than not,
Night is the best place to be quiet
and think for yourself.
If you’re with someone, good.
If you’re alone, so much the better. 
The next night you feel lonely,
(and especially if you’ve never done this before),
pull out some paper and write a poem.
Any poem.
This poem.

Next read: The General In His Labyrinth, by Gabriel García Márquez